Shitcoin is the bleeding asshole of crypto.

If you (the holy fucking “you” if I may) were looking for a toilet to flush your precious btc down, then let me liken you to a burt reynolds wannabe hunting for the perfect waterbed to bed that hot crush in (or just wabble round alone in post-rejection). Umm, I mean you‘ve come to the right place. Shitcoin is a crypto type coin thing that I invented just for shitheads like you - nihilist shitheads who will never achieve anything but the counting of catholic priest cumloads mixed into your feces. This coin might be right for you if: Your ultimate goal is suicide and you’d like to leave the value you’ve ”invested” to the creator of this nothingness.

Here's how to buy the bullshit:

Here's the shitcoin brownpaper.

now fuck off asshole